Private Care Management FAQ’s

What is Private Care Management? Private Care Management (PCM) is a program offered by Springwell to local individuals who need information, support or assistance about any aspect of senior living or living with a disability.  In an environment where health care, housing options and caregiver responsibilities are becoming increasingly complex, Private Care Managers (PCMs) can act as a guide, an advocate and/or a hands-on manager, in accordance with your needs and wishes.

How can the PCM Program help me and my family? A PCM can meet with you to hear your concerns, give you information about your options, and help you develop and execute steps to address your needs. They can be hired for one or more discrete tasks or can be available to you over the long-term to help address needs as they arise. Common reasons to hire a PCM include finding in-home helpers, making a move to Assisted Living, providing respite for caregivers, taking you to medical appointments, coordinating services during times of transition, and providing family members who don’t live nearby with peace of mind. Springwell’s PCMs have also helped with tasks like helping a client buy a laptop computer, bringing a client out for a social outing or accompanying a client on their first visits to a Senior Center or Adult Day Program. PCMs can assist with the sometimes time-intensive task of accessing Long-term Care Insurance benefits. Because this is a private program, you are in charge of how the PCM helps.

What does Springwell charge for PCM services? Is there a fee for an initial consult? There is no fee for the initial phone consult to discuss how the program can be of help to you. Other local PCM programs charge $175/hour for this service. Springwell’s rate, at $95/hour, is almost 45% less costly than other programs. As a non-profit agency we are committed to keeping your costs down by always suggesting any lower cost options for which you may be eligible.

Who can I speak with to help me decide if this program is right for me? Call our main number at 617-926-4100 and let an Information and Referral Specialist connect you to the appropriate person.