At MetroWest Legal Services, we believe that access to justice should not just be for those who can afford it, but must be available for everyone. We are thrilled to be partnering with Springwell to protect individual rights and improve the lives of seniors in our communities.

Grants to Community Organizations

Springwell’s success can be measured in large part by the strength of its partnerships with other community organizations. By collaborating with community agencies and supporting their work, Springwell helps ensure that seniors throughout the region have the diverse and local support needed.


As the designated Area Agency on Aging (AAA) for the communities of Belmont, Brookline, Needham, Newton, Waltham, Wellesley and Weston, Springwell is responsible for completing a comprehensive assessment of the needs of the region’s seniors, and developing a plan which helps address those needs.

The federal funds that Springwell receives as the region’s AAA enables Springwell to provide grants to local community organizations so that they can address needs identified in the area plan. Such grants are distributed on a bi-annual basis and are monitored to help ensure that goals of the plan are met.


Since 1976, Springwell has been the local agency designated as the region’s AAA. The agency has been the region’s leading advocate for seniors and one of the largest providers of community long-term services serving more than 5,000 individuals annually.


All funded applicants to the Community Grants Program are required to provide matching funds that must total at least 15% of the total Title III award. The 15% matching funds can consist of in-kind contributions or other non-federal cash.


  • Applicant agencies requesting community grants must be registered to do business in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Springwell periodically requests proposals from the community to meet the service needs identified in our Area Plan on Aging. While we are not currently requesting proposals, the following resources are available for organizations interested in applying to the Springwell community grants program, as well as the community at large:

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Springwell values our partnerships with community organization, and recently highlighted an important relationship.

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Organizations interested in applying for a grant who have questions can contact the Associate Director of Consumer Services at or by filling out and submitting this contact form.

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