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Older adults and their caregivers are some of the most resilient people. Resiliency is absolutely necessary in the face of inflation that makes it difficult for a fixed income to cover basic needs. It’s also necessary in year three of a global pandemic that still disproportionately affects older adults and makes their choices for care more complicated. But sometimes it’s not enough to be resilient; sometimes you need a little bit of help, compassion, and problem-solving expertise of the kind that comes with a 40-year history of service. With the caring community created by Springwell and donors like you, the older adults and caregivers we serve are getting the helping hand that they need, now more than ever, from our kind, professional staff and volunteers. We are delighted to bring that caring community to thousands more people and fourteen new communities with our recent merger.

“Thank you for your kindness to my mother. You made it possible for her to live at home during her last two years.”

…a Springwell Caregiver