woman and man with walker for alternatives to nursing home care

Without Emma and her team from Springwell, it would not have been possible for my husband to move back from the nursing home.

Community Transition Liaison Program

Residents of nursing facilities often have complex, but sometimes not insurmountable barriers to discharge. A skilled team working in coordination with a motivated patient, can often help them return to a more comfortable, and less expensive, living environment.


The Community Transition Liaison Program (CTLP) actively assists nursing home residents (or their families or representatives), who express a direct interest in returning to the community. The CTLP team will provide assistance with discharge plans, connect residents to state programs and local community supports, and help the resident advocate and work to resolve concerns related to transitioning to the community.


Springwell’s Community Transition Liaison Program (CTLP) team, with the backing of our experienced multi-disciplinary staff, understand the supports that are necessary to support a move out of a nursing facility. Our CTLP Liaisons and Case Assistants can meet with residents and their family members to discuss whether they would like to live in the community, attend nursing facility discharge planning meetings, assist with the discharge planning process and coordinate community services.


This is a free service


  • Any nursing facility resident,
  • Age 22 and older

Mr. West came home from a nursing home after nearly a year with the help of Springwell.

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To request a meeting with a Springwell staff member call and ask for Springwell’s Information and Referral Team at (617) 926-4100, or fill out and submit this contact form.

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