Home Delivered Meal Menus

Home Delivered Meals*

* While Springwell and BayPath merged, effective July 1, 2022, we are maintaining our existing catering contracts for the time being. All menu information listed on this page applies to the towns originally served by Springwell, unless noted with the designation, “BayPath towns.”

Please review re-heating instructions before re-heating your home-delivered meal. If you are looking for Community Dining site menus, you can find them here.

Regular Home Delivered Meals

Meals provide 1/3 Dietary Reference Intake for Older Adults and have less than 1,300 mg total sodium*.
Regular Lunch Menu
Regular Supper Menu
Regular  & Therapeutic Lunch Menus – BayPath towns
(Note, BayPath menus are a single multi-page pdf. Please scroll to find five different menus)

Special Diets

Special diets are available in our Home Delivered Meal Program as follows:

Carbohydrate Controlled

Carbohydrate controlled meals have an average of 60 grams carbohydrates and fewer than 700-800 mg sodium per meal.
Carbohydrate Controlled Menu


Less than 800 mg sodium per meal*, 10% or fewer calories from saturated fat, no concentrated sweets
Cardiac Menu


Meals are produced in a Chinese facility.
Chinese (English) Menu

Chinese Menu


Nutrient content similar to regular, with soft consistency of entrée, starches, and dessert; diced vegetables
Ground Menu 


Meals are produced in a kosher facility.
Kosher Menu 

Low Lactose

Meal contains no regular milk or milk products
Low Lactose Menu

Mechanical Soft

Nutrient content similar to regular except foods are cut small and diced
Mechanical Soft Menu


Nutrient content similar to regular to regular except all foods are blenderized. No bread is served. Includes a supplement beverage.
Puree Menu 


35-38 grams protein per meal, low sodium*, less than 400 mg phosphorus, less than 1000 mg potassium
Renal Dialysis Menu 

*This is total sodium and includes milk, bread, and margarine, which provide 300 mg of the sodium of the total meal.