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Home Delivered Meals

Please review re-heating instructions before re-heating your home-delivered meal.

Regular Home Delivered Meals

Meals provide 1/3 Dietary Reference Intake for Older Adults and have less than 1,300 mg total sodium*.
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Special Diets

Special diets are available in our Home Delivered Meal Program as follows:

Carbohydrate Controlled

Carbohydrate controlled meals have an average of 60 grams carbohydrates and fewer than 700-800 mg sodium per meal.
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Less than 800 mg sodium per meal*, 10% or fewer calories from saturated fat, no concentrated sweets
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Meals are produced in a Chinese facility.
Chinese (English) Menu

Chinese Menu


Nutrient content similar to regular, with soft consistency of entrée, starches, and dessert; diced vegetables
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Meals are produced in a kosher facility.
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Low Lactose

Meal contains no regular milk or milk products
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Mechanical Soft

Nutrient content similar to regular except foods are cut small and diced
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Nutrient content similar to regular to regular except all foods are blenderized. No bread is served. Includes a supplement beverage.
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35-38 grams protein per meal, low sodium*, less than 400 mg phosphorus, less than 1000 mg potassium
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*This is total sodium and includes milk, bread, and margarine, which provide 300 mg of the sodium of the total meal.