Assisted Living Ombudsman acts as a mediator and advocate for residents and our families. They help us resolve issues on our own, and only intervene on our behalf with our permission.

Assisted Living Ombudsman Program

When a person decides to move into Assisted Living, they need support with certain aspects of their life, but they desire to live as independently as possible. They may need an advocate who is looking out for their rights and interests.


The Assisted Living Ombudsman  Program is in place to offer residents and potential residents of assisted living facilities a way to maintain control of their lives just as they did in their former homes. When problems arise, the Assisted Living Ombudsman can step in with the resident’s permission to attempt to resolve the issues at hand. The Assisted Living Ombudsman Program is part of the Commonwealth’s Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program. The Assisted Living Ombudsman Program is designed to provide assisted living residents, their families, and other concerned parties with a vehicle to communicate and resolve their concerns and complaints regarding assisted living residences.


Springwell Ombudsman are carefully screened, trained, and supervised.  Many have been working in the same facility for a number of years and have built a wealth of experience in listening, solving problems, and working with staff and residents for the best possible outcome in times of conflict or concern.


This is a free service.


  • Assisted-living facility resident or family member in covered facilities.
  • Complete list of facilities covered can be downloaded here.


Q: How can an Assisted Living Ombudsman help me, if I am only considering a move into assisted living?
A: To help you make an informed decision, the BayPath Assisted Living Ombudsman can help answer the following types of questions:
  • Terms of the residency agreement
  • Service plan issues
  • Clarification of what services to expect
  • The role of the nurse
  • Outside services
  • The policy reguarding guests
  • Sending and receiving mail
  • Billing process
  • Residents privacy policy
  • And more


Q: What are the objectives of an Assisted Living Ombudsman for someone in a facility?

A: There are three main objectives:
  • Work with the resident to determine their concerns and goals
  • Determine how to assist them in achieving resolution
  • Make a judgement when to gain a resident’s permission to act on their behalf to resolve their concerns  

Springwell is always looking for volunteers for our Assisted Living Ombudsman Program.

Contact Us

Interested in the Assisted Living Ombudsman Program? Call Springwell at (508) 573-7200 Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and request the Assisted Living Ombudsman Program Manager, or fill out and submit this contact form.

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