Springwell Celebrates Older Americans Month, 2020

“Make Your Mark” Stories from our Community

Seniors are wise and resilient from years of life experience. We celebrate each older adult’s unique and lasting mark in this world. Stories connect us even when we cannot be physically together during the pandemic.

Care Advisor sitting with older woman to discuss in home services

Make Your Mark Stories


“My grandparents are retired judges. My grandma was the only female graduate in her law school class and the first female judge in her county. She served as a family court judge for 16 years and was deeply committed to women and children in that role. She was also a pioneer of the 30-minute meal as a working mom of three. My grandpa started his legal career driving busses while he interviewed for jobs and then worked for many years as a trial attorney. His secret to success was reading everything he could find about  the subject at hand. He is an expert on so many topics. He still takes on a few cases each year and always brings his dog Jack to the office with him. My grandparents have supported me through every stage of my life and are two of my biggest role models. They push all their grandchildren to work hard and do the right thing. When I got married in 2018 they were right by my side. My grandma gave me her wedding dress to wear and my grandpa drove me to the church. I am so grateful to have them in my life!”

-in honor of Beverly & Edwin


“I have been thinking about my mother, Pauline, a lot during the pandemic. She grew up during the depression and worked as a nurse during World War 11 while my dad was overseas for two years. I have so much more appreciation now for everything she endured. While playing online Scrabble a few days ago, I played her favorite high scoring word, toque. That memory brought a smile to my face.”

-in memory of Pauline



“I learned so much from Grandma Jean about not apologizing for living my life the way I wanted to live it, flaws and all. I treasure this picture of her with my daughter – it captures her joy in living and her emphasis on staying engaged with and learning from young people. I want to be like her as I age.

-in memory of Jean