May 29

​I didn’t know that Springwell does all that!


 June 4th is Nonprofit Awareness Day, a statewide holiday signed into law by Governor Deval Patrick 10 years ago. Springwell is a more than 40 year old nonprofit agency that provides care solutions for approximately 11,000 individuals in Massachusetts each year.

Our goal is to positively impact the quality of life through long term services and support for seniors and those under the age of 60 with disabilities as well as caregivers and families of these individuals. We accomplish this by engaging with individuals, assessing needs and connecting them with the appropriate resources that they want. We enhance the impact with ongoing case management and by offering a number of health coaching and education opportunities.

Our offerings are numerous but each one helps real people live their lives each day:

  • Information & Consultation is our welcoming front door. “I was totally overwhelmed with the challenges of caring for my mother and father. Springwell not only answered my questions, but brought up issues I had never thought of. By the end of the call I felt better able to handle what was in front of me.”
  • Care Advice & Planning helps seniors, individuals with disabilities and those who provide care become aware of and understand the many services available so they can have the customized care plan they desire. “I would like to thank Julie for coming to my home. She is professional, knowledgeable, highly competent and service-oriented – qualities that are so important in doing this job. I really appreciate her dedication and help sorting through so much information.”
  • In Home Services can make the difference between being able to live at home and losing independence. “I am especially grateful that you have been able to provide a Chinese worker for my mom which is so important to her. They have been very good, kind and efficient and my mom loves them.”
  • Caregiver Support helps those who are navigating the logistically, physically, and emotionally complex path of providing or arranging for the care of someone else. “I was at my wits end wondering where to turn with my husband who has dementia. Emily put the rainbow in the sky for me…”
  • Private Geriatric Care Management provides Care Managers who help to support decision making, to find and connect to services, and to help ensure that each individual is receiving the care they want. Springwell offers below-market rate in-home services from care agencies that are long time Springwell partners. “…at the discharge planning meeting for my father, you took charge and made sure that the rehab, the VNA, the family all knew exactly what the plan was.”

Life is filled with challenges and it is always good to know where to find extra support when it is needed. For many people struggling in our shared Massachusetts communities, Springwell provides caring solutions that make a real difference. If we can help you or someone you know, please contact us. Springwell is a nonprofit that is funded by individual and corporate donations as well as by federal and state sources. If we have inspired you to join us in #MAkingadifference, please consider a donation.