Jan 2

Help Others – Volunteering is more than a New Year’s Resolution!

It’s that time of year for the big question, “What are your New Year’s Resolutions?” Many of us make resolutions but within a couple of months they tend to fall by the wayside. Sometimes that happens because the resolution is too vague or we haven’t figured out a workable plan to keep the commitment.

Have you ever resolved that you want to do more to help others? Volunteer activities lead to helping others either directly or indirectly. By making a regular commitment to volunteer with an established nonprofit, you will have the training and support of that organization to help keep your resolution going strong through the whole year and likely for many years to come. Volunteer Hub adds that “Although volunteerism focuses around helping others the action also provides benefits to the participant. Volunteerism has been shown to improve confidence, reduce depression, provide new skills, and increase socialization for those who commit their time.” It’s a win for you and a win for those you volunteer to help.

Volunteers at Springwell make a difference and all share the mantra that “Kindness Matters.” Because of Springwell volunteers:

  • People are less lonely
  • People are less anxious
  • People can get to important medical appointments
  • People feel heard
  • People are able to enjoy a healthy meal in a friendly environment
  • People have better access to foods they choose
  • People know someone cares.
  • Your kindness matters.

Our volunteers serve in Belmont, Brookline, Needham, Newton, Waltham, Watertown, Wellesley and Weston. By sharing 1-2 hours per week of your time, you can change someone’s life. Find the way to help that suits your interests. You may join us as a Friendly Visitor, a Medical Escort, a Money Manager, a Nursing Home Ombudsman, a Nutrition Volunteer, an Office Assistant or a Shopping Assistant. Springwell volunteers are adults of all ages who want to make a difference for their senior neighbors or their disabled neighbors.

Springwell volunteers, Dawn, Peter, Don, and Marian each found the way they enjoy making a difference and their kindness matters to those they help while enriching them as well. As a Friendly Visitor to Ruth, Dawn is always welcomed warmly because she has often been the only person Ruth sees each week.  Dawn is fascinated by the many stories of Ruth’s vibrant life. As an adult, Dawn didn’t get to spend much time with her grandmothers and finds the relationship with Ruth particularly gratifying.

Peter became a volunteer medical escort about 8 years ago when he retired. He enjoys driving and always looks forward to chatting with each of the individuals that he transports to and from medical appointments. He has five or six people that he transports regularly and notes that he has done over 250 escorts since he started volunteering.

Don, who works fulltime as a product manager, was looking for a new volunteer opportunity, when he learned about Money Management volunteers at Springwell and thought “I can do this. I have been helping my mother with her finances for years. I have the skills to make a difference for someone else.” Don was paired up with Jay 2 ½ years ago but the jovial bond between the two of them makes it seem longer.

As a Nursing Home Ombudsman, Marian play a role in ensuring that residents of nursing homes and rest homes receive a high level of care. Marian keeps her focus on the comfort and rights of the residents and keeps her communication and relationships with the staff open and honest. After nine years in this role, Marian wisely shares that kindness goes a long way.

If helping others is part of your plan for 2020, learn more about how you can make a difference by volunteering with Springwell.