Mar 5

Ava and George: The Value of a Good Plan

Two women smiling at each other on a couch

Ava sits comfortably in her living room looking out her picture window at the birds, surrounded by beautiful furniture, some of which she has designed. She knows she is still able to enjoy her home and this view because of the careful planning and preparation she and her husband George did before challenges of health confronted them.

As Ava and George advanced in age, they agreed that “putting things in order” would help them live out their lives according to their wishes. They were familiar with Springwell and reached out for assistance. The Springwell Private Care Management team became the resource to help with all their needs.
Rosa, their Private Care Manager, initially assisted with errands and outings for George when he gave up driving. They both quickly developed a rapport with Rosa and asked her to manage more personal and household responsibilities. Rosa has helped with managing finances, exploring housing options, and facilitating their plan for keeping the lifestyle they wanted while identifying their end of life care goals. When they decided to stay in their home, Rosa arranged for the caregivers who make that possible.

George passed away in November and while Ava is still grieving, she confidently states that all of the planning she and George did, including the tough topics they discussed and the decisions they made have helped her cope. George had the end of life care he wanted, and that comforts Ava greatly. Ava offers one piece of advice to aging adults: start planning early so that you can live on your own terms.

Ava continues to count on Rosa for many of the supports that allow her to live well in this next chapter of her life. Ava’s goal is to live healthfully so she can remain socially active. Ava’s social plan includes outings with Rosa and surrounding herself with neighbors and the multi-generational network of friends she has from her life with George and her career as a school teacher.

Ava is content with the life she is now living. She appreciates the support of her in-home caregivers and values her relationship with Rosa who visits often and is a phone call away if a new need arises.

Springwell’s Private Care Management Program is currently closed to new referrals. For more information or to get help finding a Private Care Manager, consider contacting our Information & Consultation Program.