Jun 8

Better Together: Sharing Tasks & Friendships

Linda G. joined Springwell’s volunteer team in the true spirit of pay-it-forward. “My mother lives in Florida, and she’s always looking for a ride to the grocery store,” she says. “I’m not there to help her, but I thought I could help someone here.”
Meanwhile, grocery shopping had become a challenge for Lea G. Macular degeneration had made it difficult for her to read labels and choose quality produce. “My husband used to take me shopping,” she explains. “But it became a problem when he passed away.”
Enter Linda, who frequently drives Lea from her Waltham home to the supermarket and accompanies her through the aisles. Over the past five years, she’s learned which foods and brands Lea prefers, and she identifies the Oreos, peanut butter, and perfectly ripe bananas on Lea’s list. She keeps an eye out for sales and helps select the onions and potatoes for Lea’s specialty dish – corn chowder.
A mother of six, Lea, 84, still finds cooking second nature. “I couldn’t do it without Linda,” she says.
The investment of only a few volunteer hours a month brings rewards far greater than a well-stocked pantry, Linda says. “Volunteering gives you a good feeling. Lea is delightful and I love her sense of humor. It’s wonderful to really get to know someone who needs your help.”
Lea agrees. “We’re shopping friends,” she says.
For more information about volunteering as a Springwell Shopping Assistant or a Friendly Visitor visit our volunteer page. To make a gift in support of Springwell’s programs to support seniors and people with disabilities, visit our secure donation site.