May 4

Board Profile: Yolanda Rodriguez

Springwell Board Member, Yolanda Rodriguez

Yolanda Rodriguez, a native of Brookline and longtime Math teacher and department head in Wellesley Public Schools, thrives in retirement by learning new things. The civic-minded Rodriguez is finishing her third and final 3-year term on Springwell’s Board of Directors. A number of years ago, she attended exercise classes at the Brookline Council on Aging (COA), liked the active organization, and was soon elected to the board there. Later, she became the COA representative on the Springwell Board. Rodriguez was delighted to be on the board: “Springwell is a wonderful place to be. I wasn’t familiar with the organization before I joined the Council on Aging. It was an eye opener to learn about the hard work Springwell does for seniors in the community. People who work at Springwell really care.”

During her time on the board, Yolanda served as both clerk and treasurer, and she contributed in a number of substantive ways to the governance of the organization, including her role in the search for a new CEO in 2019.

Her favorite role at the agency, however, was as a member of the Area Agency on Aging (AAA) Advisory Council. In its capacity as a federally designated AAA, Springwell coordinates and offers services that help older adults remain in their homes if that is their preference. Springwell conducts periodic assessments to evaluate the needs of this priority population and emphasizes meeting the needs of lower income, minority, socially-isolated and non-English speaking older adults. Based on the assessment results, Springwell requests proposals for grants to meet those needs. Rodriguez shares that “the council reads the proposals, rates them based on the needs, and recommends ones for final approval. Grants are awarded for amazing proposals from remarkable organizations that support the wellbeing of older adults.”

“Being on the board was a wonderful opportunity for me to learn and help. I feel good about all the work Springwell does and will miss the people.”