Oct 28

Common Sense and Community During the Pandemic

At age 109, Herlda reports that she has been doing “all right” during the pandemic. Early on, she stayed home enjoying television (especially movies with cowboys) and talking with nieces and nephews on the phone. Herlda stays safe and comfortable in her home with the help of Springwell homecare services and a personal emergency response system in case she falls. To make sure she has the help she wants, Herlda selected her own homecare aide through Springwell’s consumer directed care plan.

While she was a young girl during the 1918 pandemic, she has no distinct memories of it other than it “wasn’t like this one.” Herlda is concerned about community safety, “Wear the mask if you want to live and you want others to live. The doctors know what they are talking about. People need to use common sense.” In addition to the common sense of mask wearing, Herlda is grateful to her friends in the community who have delivered food to her throughout the pandemic. She especially appreciates Margaret, Carol and Robert who have provided favorites that include roast chicken, assorted cheeses, fritters, and cookies.

Currently, Herlda dons her mask and leaves home for a few local outings with her best friend, Margaret.  At the top of Herlda’s list of outings is voting. She plans to vote early in person for the upcoming election. She voted for the first time for Franklin Delano Roosevelt and hasn’t missed an election since. “I don’t have to go far to vote and I want to do it in person. There was a time when we couldn’t vote and now that we have the chance to vote, we must vote.”

With common sense precautions and the help of her community, Herlda is staying safe and healthy even at 109. If in-home supports would help an elder loved one in your life weather the pandemic safely at home, learn more about Springwell’s services.