Sep 5

Little Things Add up to Big Things

As we go through life, challenges that we least expect can become daunting.  While we can access medical care through insurance policies, programs and clinics, it is often the subtle or chronic physical and mental challenges that make other types of help valuable to improve safety and quality of life.   When informal supports are not enough or a caregiver needs a break or family lives far away or there is no family, a senior, an individual with disabilities,  a loved one, and/or a professional start looking for that special person who can help with almost any situation that might arise.

Private Care Managers (PCM) are the ideal solution for many people. The PCM role ranges from helping with a one-time task to forming an ongoing relationship. Springwell PCM’s are licensed and backed by the agency’s 40+ years of experience in providing services and supports to local seniors and individuals with disabilities. The PCM works closely with an interdisciplinary team of nurses, social workers and caregiver specialists. As a non-profit agency, Springwell is committed to providing affordable PCM.

A PCM can assess how a person navigates their home and if they need assistance with things like eating, bathing, and getting dressed. A PCM will learn how they are managing shopping, errands, cooking, household chores, transportation and recreational or social aspects of their life.   Often, a relationship with a PCM starts with a one-time task, and then as needs change, the PCM becomes the known trusted resource to turn to.

The PCM can help with just about any need that may arise including:

  • Grocery shopping assistance- A PCM may accompany an individual to the store for shopping or help make a list, place the order for delivery and put away the groceries at home.
  • House cleaning- A PCM can help find cleaners and help instruct them on what tasks should be done.
  • Personal care to help with bathing, dressing or incontinence issues- Incontinence can be embarrassing. A PCM is a trained professional who is comfortable talking about this and solving hygiene issues.
  • Setting up technology and teaching someone how to use it- Whether it is cable TV or surfing the internet, a PCM’s help with technology may help an isolated individual to find more enjoyment in life.
  • Accompanying someone to a medical appointment and taking notes- A PCM picks up both husband and wife for appointments with their physicians, takes notes on the visit and updates family members.
  • Arranging for repair of an appliance or home maintenance- A PGCM discovered a woman had been doing her laundry by hand because she was overwhelmed by trying to arrange for washing machine repair. The PCM managed the repair process.
  • Making a home safer and easier to manage- A tired man revealed to their PCM that he had been sleeping in a recliner because climbing stairs had become difficult. Possible solutions were discussed before they decided on one together.
  • Visiting in the hospital – A lengthy hospital stay meant that family had to return to jobs so a PCM visited the individual regularly and kept everyone apprised of updates.
  • Transitioning from the hospital back to home with appropriate support- A PCM can manage the details of returning home ranging from buying food to setting up home care services.
  • Providing companionship at home or for an outing- A PCM can be a delightful lunch companion at a favorite restaurant or visit to a museum.
  • Help to sell a home and move- Moving is daunting both physically and mentally. A PCM can help coordinate all aspects of the move.
  • Help with bill paying and correspondence- A PCM was asked to deliver a rent payment and discovered that the individual had already paid the rent that month. This simple errand helped to uncover the need for some assistance with managing finances.

Essentially, if a person needs help with something, the PCM is there to either do it, help to figure out the best option or arrange to have it done. Getting to know a caring and knowledgeable PCM leads to a trusting relationship that allows the individual and their family to know where to turn for help in a multitude of situations.

Springwell’s Private Care Management Program is currently closed. To learn more and receive help finding a Private Care Manager, consider contacting our Information & Consultation Program.