Apr 20

Making a Difference – Launching Your Career as a Care Manager

Are you a recent college graduate looking for a job where you can make a difference? Many of today’s compassionate young adults would like to do this by working for a non-profit organization. This was true for both Kelsey and Nicole, Care Managers who work primarily with seniors in Springwell’s Home Care Program. As a 40 year old organization, Springwell works at the intersection of health care and the social determinants of health by helping people access services and supports that make it possible for them to live independently. Jo White, Springwell’s Director of Health Partnerships, sums up the role of a care manager like this: “A Care Manager pulls together services for an individual, monitors and manages those services, and helps family members understand the role of services.”

Care Managers come from diverse backgrounds, with a variety of college majors and strengths but they all share some key attributes. Their goal is to make a difference in people’s lives. They thrive on interacting with people in the community and building rapport with each person that they advise. A Care Manager needs compassion and patience to help each individual negotiate the maze of obtaining services. Nicole adds that being “super organized” helps the process go smoothly. Kelsey and Nicole love the challenge of constantly learning new things in the job but both also appreciate the vast expertise and help provided by the Springwell team of more than 100 staff across multiple disciplines including social work, nursing, administration, and finance that support the complex human services Springwell offers.

Kelsey likes the atmosphere at Springwell and the way that nonprofits are run. One of Kelsey’s favorite aspects of the job is being in the community spending time with the seniors she serves, rather than just working in an office. For Kelsey, the home visits are key to building rapport with each individual. Kelsey appreciates each person’s unique personality and tries to communicate in a way to best facilitate a good relationship with each senior and their family.

Nicole relocated from Colorado, leaving a non-profit job where she loved her co-workers. At Springwell, she feels fortunate to have found a new community of co-workers who create a similar feeling of happiness. Nicole finds it is very satisfying to coordinate services to help seniors live at home. Whether they need a little help or a significant amount, she knows they value all she does to try to honor their requests and wishes.

Both Kelsey and Nicole find meaning in being part of an organization that improves the lives of thousands of people each year. Would you like to learn more about launching a career as a Care Manager or about other ways you can make a difference at Springwell? You can learn more by visiting our Careers page.