Jul 2

Special Delivery: More than a Meal

Beverly looks forward to greeting Chi Wong, a Springwell Home Delivered Meals driver each weekday around noon. Chi delivers a nutritious meal to Beverly who finds it difficult to buy groceries and cook for herself.

Beverly lives in the Watertown home that she and her husband, Stuart, bought over 60 years ago. Beverly’s career as a bookkeeper and office manager always kept her busy, and she is the first to admit that she never was a cook. With a smile, Beverly says that Stuart was her chef and her favorite of his meals was baked stuffed lobster. Stuart passed away in 2002, and living alone has presented some challenges for Beverly who is blind and deals with significant hearing loss.

“I started receiving Springwell meals about ten years ago. With my vision and hearing difficulties, the meals are a great convenience for me,” shares Beverly. She receives a therapeutic meal because it is beneficial for her to have a low sodium diet. Beverly sometimes wishes for the days of stuffed lobster, but she knows that the diet is healthful.

Seeing Chi each day is also always welcome. Chi delivers about 30 meals daily and has been doing it with a smile for nine years. Chi says, “The job is meaningful. I like helping the elderly, and I see the benefits that the meals provide for those who can’t grocery shop and cook for themselves.” Each visit from Chi brings not only a meal but a safety check as well. Beverly gratefully reminds Chi of the time she fell, and he called an ambulance and stayed with her until medical personnel arrived.

In addition to deliveries from Chi, Beverly has a Springwell Care Advisor named Janet Cardarelli. Janet checks in with Beverly regularly to see how she is doing and to assess her ongoing needs. Janet recently helped Beverly get a handheld amplifier for her hearing loss. Beverly says this kind of attention really makes a difference.

Beverly attributes her good health to luck, but it is clear she takes care of herself. She says Springwell meals make the nutrition component easier. While home delivered meals will never match her husband Stuart’s cooking, Beverly truly appreciates how helpful they are for her.

Do you know someone who would benefit from Springwell’s Home Delivered Meals Program? Learn more at http://www.springwell.com/service/home-delivered-meals.