Mar 10

A Partnership that Works

Home care Manager with senior citizen, Lea and her daughter

Lea loves her in-home care workers. Her dedicated daughter Barbara is grateful for help that makes her busy life possible. Springwell coordinates it all.

At 92, Lea has been blind for three years and has found adjusting to her loss of vision challenging. She spent much of her active adult life as a pharmacist, a wife, a mother, a skilled Filene’s Basement shopper, and a legendary baker.  While she is more limited now, Lea smiles often and expresses gratitude for all of those who “give of their heart” to help her continue to enjoy life. A strong partnership between Lea, her daughter Barbara, Springwell, and the caregivers hired through Springwell’s network of in-home care vendors makes the 24-hour assistance Lea needs possible.

Barbara is Lea’s advocate and works closely with Lea’s Springwell Case Manager, Ann, to keep Lea’s care plan current as her needs change. Several years ago, Lea first started receiving Springwell services after a fractured hip and shoulder injury. As she lost her vision, her care plan was updated to include the additional services she needed. Barbara visits Lea every evening after her full workday and prepares dinner for the two of them to enjoy together. Lea also spends every weekend at Barbara’s home.

While dining with Barbara every night is the highlight of Lea’s day, Barbara has a long drive afterwards, and she was regularly getting home after 10 pm. Barbara’s exhaustion led her to ask Ann for a few more hours of support for Lea each week. Ann met with the Springwell team and with her advocacy, the hours were approved and were able to be filled by the vendor. Lea’s overnight caregiver comes earlier now to help her get ready for bed so that Barbara can get home for a bit more rest. Everyone recognizes that Barbara’s well-being as her mother’s advocate and caregiver is vital.

Lea shares that the caregivers hired through Springwell’s vendor network are her “…right hand and her left hand. They are everything to me.” Lea says that the role is not just completing tasks that these caregivers check off their list. They are her companions who grieved with her when she recently lost her beloved dog and who brought her cake and cards on her birthday. The partnership with family, Springwell, and caregivers keeps Lea safe and comfortable.

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