Nov 11

A Veteran who came home to take care of other veterans

Korean War veteran kneeling on left during Korean War service and on right in 2020

At 92, Robert is an older veteran that we thank today along with all veterans for their military service. In 1950, Robert joined the Army and was deployed for almost three years in the Korean War. He served as an ammunitions guard in an area near Busan, South Korea protecting the ammunition from any potential sabotage. His days consisted of repeated cycles of four hour guard shifts followed by 8 hours off. He was proud to serve his country and would have stayed in the military after the war, but it was important to Robert to return home to help take care of his mother. For 18 years after the war, Robert took care of other veterans as an aide at the West Roxbury VA Hospital where his responsibilities included monitoring blood pressures and temperatures of ill veterans. Later in his career, Robert continued to help others in his work at the Fernald School in Waltham.

After years of caring for others, Robert appreciates the help that he receives from caregivers now. Through Springwell, he receives homemaking services to help keep his apartment clean and tidy. He enjoys socializing weekly with a Springwell volunteer Friendly Visitor. Robert is extremely grateful for the phone amplifier, made possible by the Springwell Elder Independence Fund, that allows him to communicate more easily while staying safe from COVID risks.

Robert looks forward to celebrating turning 93 in July 2021! He attributes his longevity to his deep religious faith and continues to enjoy his days filled with favorite television programs, which include Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons and Gunsmoke, and listening to classical music.
Thank you, Robert, and all veterans, for your service!