Jan 19

Help Debra Find a Kidney

photo of woman in search of live kidney donor

Many of the people Springwell serves have chronic health conditions which can present unique challenges to our work with them to face the challenges that come with aging. Our Care Advisors meet each person where they are and develop a personalized approach to help them achieve their goals. Debra began receiving in-home help services from Springwell in 2017 when she fell ill three years ago and was diagnosed with Stage 5 kidney failure that now requires dialysis 3-4 times each week. Debra, a graphic designer by profession and long-time resident of Watertown needs your help to find a kidney donor to save her life.

While time consuming, dialysis is a viable solution for some but for Debra it just isn’t the answer. The treatments leave her exhausted, debilitated and in constant pain.  She laments, “I can’t drive, can’t shop, can’t cook and in fact, even combing my hair and brushing my teeth are difficult.” While Debra is grateful that dialysis is keeping her alive currently, the real solution for Debra is a kidney transplant.  The sooner she can find a donor kidney the better the success rate for the transplant.

Debra is on the waiting list on the National Kidney Registry. It can take 6 years or more before a donor is available and many don’t make it to finding a compatible donor. With Stage 5 kidney failure, Debra may not have that much time to wait. She is a good candidate for a live donor, and she has launched a campaign to find one. A living donor can continue to live a long healthy life with only one kidney if their general health is good.

Springwell is helping 69-year-old Debra on this journey.  Her Springwell Care Advisor has worked with her to provide transportation to dialysis, a special renal diet of home delivered meals and some personal care and homemaking services. She also has a personal alert safety system for fall detection. Even with this support, it is not enough to improve Debra’s life until she finds a kidney. Springwell is now trying to assist with finding a kidney donor by sharing this information with as many people as possible in hopes that a suitable match will be found quickly.

An ideal candidate would have Type O+ or O- blood type and be between the ages of 25 and 65. Type O is the hardest of blood types since it has the fewest compatible donors—so for Debra, only one kind of kidney will help, a kidney from someone who also has Type O.  Please share this information with anyone and everyone. The more people who learn of Debra’s need, the higher the probability that an incredibly generous person who would be willing to test as a possible donor will be quickly found. Learn more on Debra’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/debraneedsakidney/. Anyone who can share information or might be a possible donor can always reach out to Debra and her support team at debraneedsakidney@gmail.com or call (857) 529-7571.