Nov 1

In-Home Care and a Stay Home Advisory

Julie, and older woman in a walker, standing with her aide, Agnes

COVID19 changed what felt safe for many seniors in need of care. Springwell has been available and flexible, working with families to plan services that help.

Julie and her husband Anthony have called Waltham home for the past 42 years. Julie had a fulfilling career, helping many people both as a social worker and as a special education teacher. Health issues forced her to retire early, and in February of 2020, Julie was largely confined to their home, managing many chronic health challenges including congestive heart failure and asthma. Home care and personal care services from Springwell made a real difference in their quality of life, and she relied on the help she received with appreciation and gratitude.

When the COVID19 pandemic hit, Julie and her husband were forced to make difficult decisions about what was safe for their household, especially since she is at high risk for complications from the virus. “With cases rampant in Massachusetts, I was concerned about having people come into the house because it could increase the chances of me being exposed. I spoke with my physician and he recommended that I stop having the aide come to my house.”

Reluctantly, Julie (pictured, right) said goodbye to her caregiver, Agnes (pictured, left), in early April. “It broke my heart. Agnes is hard working and such a nice person.” The spring and early summer months were challenging because Julie can’t clean her house and do things like showering without assistance. She and her husband managed, but they missed Agnes greatly. “Agnes scrubs everything and makes things neat and organized in my home. It is so helpful to have Agnes assist with washing my hair, and I enjoy talking with her.”

In July, when COVID cases had decreased in Massachusetts and protective equipment became more available, Julie had her regularly scheduled 6-month assessment with Amy, her Springwell care advisor, by phone. They spoke about safety precautions and Julie expressed her goal to resume her care services. She was delighted to schedule her first return visit with Agnes in mid-July. Both Julie and Agnes wear masks when they are together. Agnes also wears gloves, washes her hands often and uses hand sanitizer frequently. “It is such a relief to have Agnes assisting me again, and I feel comfortable that it is safe.”

Springwell has been open and providing services throughout the pandemic, helping families determine the service that is right for them. For more information about how your family can partner with Springwell, visit our website at, or call 617-926-4100.