Apr 17

Making a Difference – the Role of a Springwell Care Manager

MA Home Care Program Advisor with woman who receives services

Whether you are a caregiver assisting a loved one or a recipient of services yourself, your relationship with a Care Manager is an invaluable gateway to having your needs met in the way that you want them to be met.

Jo White, Director of Health Partnerships and a long time Springwell employee began her career as a Care Manager, and shares her insight on the multifaceted role, “A Care Manager pulls together services for an individual, monitors and manages those services, and helps family members understand the role of services. A Care Manager mediates when an in-home care provider isn’t a good match for one reason or another, provides support to the family caregiver, and makes sure that recipients are made aware of new opportunities for additional services. Over time a Care Manager’s relationship enables them to give guidance about longer term planning. If an individual’s needs increase, the Care Manager will educate them about higher levels of service that they might be eligible to receive.” This core Springwell relationship is not a one-time meeting between a Care Manager and a recipient, rather it is a partnership.

What skills can you expect from a Care Manager? A Care Manager must be able to engage people. The Manager “joins with” the care recipient and the family to build a rapport so that everyone feels comfortable. A Care Manager must be detail-oriented and a good observer to conduct a thorough assessment of functional, cognitive, environmental and financial conditions in order to provide the best options for the individual. A key value for a Springwell Care Manager is to be “person-centered,” putting the individual’s choice to receive a certain service or not first. That means that the Care Manager will orchestrate services based on the individual’s identified needs, but also in accordance with their wishes. Once a needed, desired service is identified, the Care Manager helps get access to that service within state homecare guidelines.

A Care Manager is there to engage people, assess situations, identify needs, support goals and access services for the benefit of the care recipient. Would you like to engage with a Care Manager ? Contact us at 617-926-4100 and ask for Information & Consultation or complete our contact form here: http://www.springwell.com/service/care-advice-planning

Are you good at engaging people, detail-oriented, and a good observer with a desire to help others? Contact us to learn more and find out about career paths:https://springwell.applytojob.com/apply