Mar 6

Making the Impossible Possible

In December of 2008, it seemed impossible that 83-year old Jeanne would ever return to the home she loved. A bad fall months earlier sent her first to the hospital and then to a rehabilitation facility. Though long-term symptoms of post-polio syndrome meant Jeanne used a wheelchair, she had managed independently for years and was even famous for being able to vacuum from her wheelchair. But after her fall, Jeanne was unable to transfer herself into and out of her chair. Her physician and the staff at the rehabilitation facility were dubious about a return home, but Jeanne, a fiercely independent woman, was determined. Her determination was matched by the convictions of Springwell’s Jo White, a social worker who helped Jeanne enroll in the Community Choices program, a newly created program that mandated nursing-home-eligible seniors be given the option of receiving care at home.

Jo led an interdisciplinary team comprised of Jeanne, Springwell nurses and social workers, staff at the rehabilitation facility, Jeanne’s physician, and a local in-home services provider. As she facilitated these meetings, Jo ensured that all discussions focused on how to honor Jeanne’s choice to return to her home.

The coordination and planning took seven months, but in July of 2009, the impossible became possible when Jeanne spent her first night in her own apartment. With the support of a worker who assists Jeanne with her personal care and homemaking needs, some important adaptive equipment, and a comprehensive emergency back-up system, she’s been happily living independently for the past seven years.

To learn more about Jeanne and Springwell’s work in 2016, view our online Annual Report.