Mar 3

March is Nutrition Month: Educating Seniors on the New Dietary Guidelines for Americans

March is Nutrition Month, and a great time to build awareness about the nutrition needs of the seniors we serve. In addition to providing more than 185,000 home-delivered meals to 1,200 vulnerable seniors each year, Springwell runs nine community dining sites, bringing an additional 50,000 meals to seniors who are looking for a nutritious meal in a lively social setting. As a part of this programming, members of our Nutrition staff regularly provide workshops and talks on nutrition topics of interest to seniors. Late last year, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and U.S. Department of Agriculture released the new, “2015 – 2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.” There are some interesting changes of particular note to seniors, including adjustments in the recommendations regarding dietary cholesterol and sodium. In the coming weeks, our Nutrition Director, Meghan Ostrander, will be scheduling workshops in each of our community dining sites covering the changes in the dietary guidelines for Americans, and in particular, for seniors. You can find out more information about special programming at our dining sites here, and you can support our Nutrition Program here.