May 18

Promoting Flexible Thinking About Aging

Aging Unbound logo for Older Americans Month 2023

May is Older Americans Month and the 2023 theme is Aging Unbound. Join us in promoting flexible thinking about aging – and how we all benefit when older adults remain engaged, independent, and included in our community. At Springwell, our mission is to help older adults manage the challenges of aging with services and resources that support them being as independent as possible. Living at home and staying connected to family is a top priority for many older adults as they age, and so this month we are delighted to share some stories of how Springwell has made that happen for a few of the families we have served over the years.

Arelis lives with her son in West Newton and her daughter visits often from West Roxbury. Arelis, who lives with multiple sclerosis, has some challenges walking and moving around. While her son and daughter help her a great deal, they cannot be with her all the time. “Springwell arranged for homemaking and personal care services for me,” shares Arelis. My care manager is kind and understands me very well. The aide who helps me is sweet and makes an incredible difference in my life. She prepares my breakfast and lunch, helps me with bathing and laundry and other things I can’t do myself.” (Learn more about Arelis’ life here.)

Greta and John faced the unexpected when John was told he would be discharged from a rehab facility, but that he couldn’t live on his own with just Greta because of her early dementia and his physical challenges. Their loving daughter and son-in-law handled the initial need by moving in. However, managing her parents’ needs along with their own careers and family was too exhausting and stressful for Sandra and Tom to manage on their own for the long term. Over time as care needs increased, Springwell’s team, which included a case manager, a nurse, and supervisors, worked together to assess and problem-solve as changes in service became necessary. “There’s no place like home and sometimes it takes a village to make home sweet home a safe and comfortable place,” shared Sandra. (Learn more about Greta, John, and their family here.)

As an Area Agency on Aging (AAA) and Aging Services Access Point (ASAP), Springwell coordinates government programs that support older adults but the funding never covers the full operational costs. There are also some important needs for which there are few government assistance options. To fill the gaps, we rely on donations to our Elder Independence Fund which gives Springwell staff the flexibility to provide resources that improve quality of life. To celebrate Aging Unbound, we invite you to support your neighbors with a donation to the Elder Independence Fund. Learn more and donate here.

Every person Springwell serves is facing unique circumstances, but for most their connection to Springwell results in solutions for the challenges they face and a better quality of life as a part of their community. Your kindness in supporting the Elder Independence Fund helps your neighbors enjoy a better quality of life.