Nov 1

Resources for Family Caregivers

older husband and wife holding hands in front of home fireplace

National Family Caregivers Month, observed annually in November, is a reminder to support and honor family caregivers. The role of a family caregiver may include providing personal care, homemaking, home health care, transportation, meals and much more depending on the needs of the care recipient. In 2022, family caregivers are finding the role increasingly challenging because of the nationwide shortage of paid employees to help with or provide some or all the caregiving tasks.  Springwell is working diligently to expand our pool of providers offering in-home care for older adults. Additionally, we are always seeking creative solutions for care despite the shortage that may delay the start of services.

This year for National Family Caregivers Month, we want to make sure each caregiver is aware of resources that may help support caregiving endeavors despite the shortage of paid caregivers:

Springwell’s Lending Library– Our lending library in our Waltham office houses books, videos and pamphlets and is open the public. The topics covered in these publications include caregiving, grief support, medical needs, exercise and aging well, resources for the LGBTQIA+ community, end of life planning, Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementia, safe driving, medication management, legal resources, and home modifications for aging in place—all topics that will likely help you in your role as a caregiver. Feel free to visit the library when time permits or if you come to the office for a meeting with your Care Advisor. If there is a specific topic that you would like to learn more about, you can reach out to your Care Advisor to see if they can bring it to you during a home visit.

Caregiver’s Notebook- Caregivers often juggle a wealth of information to closely manage the wellbeing of a loved one. During both the routine and the unpredictable challenges that inevitably come up, it is helpful to have that information easily accessible. Springwell designed a Caregiver’s Notebook that will help you stay organized and simplify record keeping. The notebook is available as a free, downloadable 36-page fillable .pdf here that gives you a central place to record and document the important aspects of your loved one’s care.

Tips for Sharing Caregiving Responsibilities- Enlisting the aid of other family members to assist an older relative may take some planning but ultimately will relieve you of some of the responsibilities. Having the specifics worked out in advance will lead to a more successful outcome when recruiting support. The steps on our website here can guide you.

Tips for Managing Caregiver Stress- Caregiving is stressful. It is encouraging to remember that stress can be beneficial, and stress can be controlled. Understanding the stress in your life can help you cope. The questions and ideas found here on our website may help you figure out what your biggest stressors are and which ones can be changed or how to manage them.

Caregiving Links and Resources- While Springwell is here to do all we can to support caregivers, there are other organizations and resources that may prove helpful as well. We have provided a list here of organizations that may offer something to help you or your loved one.

Thank you for all you do as a caregiver to help your loved one’s well-being.