Oct 25

Springwell Needs Home-Delivered Meals Drivers

Home Delivered Meals driver delivering meal to recipient

What does a warm, nutritious meal mean to you? It makes your taste buds happy, fills your growling stomach and may be a time when you gather with family or friends to socialize around the table. As children, many of us thought these meals magically appeared but as adults we know the work that goes into planning meals, grocery shopping, bringing the groceries home, and preparing food. For some older adults in our community, getting a meal on the table is challenging. For those on fixed incomes, budgets are tight. For those with illness or disabilities, grocery shopping and cooking may be overwhelming or impossible. But for seniors enrolled in Springwell’s Home-Delivered Meals Program, when their driver arrives at the door each day with a nutritious meal, lunch becomes a magical experience again.

The Home Delivered Meals Program provides seniors with a nutritious lunch delivered to their door by a friendly driver up to 5 days per week. The lunch contains at least one-third of the daily Recommended Dietary Allowance of nutrients, and a variety of menus are available to meet special dietary needs. The program is open to anyone who is age 60 or older and has a physical, emotional, or cognitive impairment and/or has inadequate facilities to prepare nutritionally adequate meals. Springwell’s program also provides meals to those who are unable to attend a community dining site and/or lack a support system to assist with meal preparation.

A Home Delivered Meals driver isn’t just someone who gets a meal from one place to another. They play a key role in reducing isolation for many seniors. For some who are home bound and live alone, the driver may be the only person they see on many days. Drivers provide a daily check-in on the well-being of the person and can also provide important contact information to seniors who might not otherwise have a way to learn about supports that are available.

Home Delivered Meals drivers are vital to the success of the service, and they are often people who are looking to give back to their community. In a world where so many things can be automated, the delivery of a nutritious meal still needs the human touch of a person bringing it to the door with a cheerful greeting. Recent retirees who want to keep busy, earn a little extra income and stay connected find this part time job is ideal. Parents and caregivers of school age children also like working as drivers because the hours are during the school day. Springwell delivers nearly 1,000 meals daily, and more drivers are always needed to make sure each older adult who needs a meal receives one.

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