Dec 1

Supporting Older Adults and their Independence

close up of older adult hands holding onto a walker

The challenges of aging can evolve slowly or have a sudden onset. When facing those challenges, we all need a caring, connected community – and thousands of older adults and their families find that at Springwell every year. Patricia experienced sudden new challenges a year ago when she fell and broke her hip. The injury required hospitalization and surgery for hip replacement. When Patricia was healing, she turned to Springwell for support. Initially, she couldn’t walk and Springwell helped her obtain a walker. She couldn’t bend over so tasks such as laundry and cleaning were impossible. Springwell helped Patricia get laundry and light housekeeping services. Patricia’s Springwell Care Advisor, Ann, and her supervisor, Amanda, are knowledgeable about available assistance options and helped Patricia access the services she needed.

“Springwell has been very good to me. They have helped with so much. In addition to the laundry and housekeeping services, they have provided the Life Alert safety program and transportation for medical appointments,” shares Patricia. “When I first got home from the hospital, getting food was very difficult. Ann let me know about and helped me get a weekly delivery of frozen meals that I can microwave and eat any time. All this help has made it possible for me to stay in my home.”

Unfortunately, there are some important needs for which there are few assistance options. Patricia discovered this when she had finished the physical therapy sessions covered by her insurance. To regain her independence, she needed more therapy. The Springwell Elder Independence Fund, supported entirely by donations, made it possible for Patricia to get the additional therapy sessions. Amanda worked with her colleagues at Springwell to secure the funding. The extra physical therapy has made Patricia just about ready to walk with a cane instead of a walker, helping her to become more independent.

A Caring, Connected Community is the theme of Springwell’s Holiday Giving Campaign this year. To learn more and help us support the thousands of older adults and caregivers we serve every year, visit our Holiday Campaign page here.