Apr 26

Supporting the Desire to Live at Home

Springwell’s highest goal is to support people in their efforts to live independently in the setting of their choice. For most people, that setting is home. Are you or a loved one struggling with a disability or the physical and cognitive changes of aging that make it more challenging to live at home? These challenges can be stressful if you are worried about giving up your independence or if you are concerned about the safety and well-being of someone close to you.

With the appropriate supports in place, people can often safely stay in their home with improved quality and satisfaction in their lives. Further, a home-based support system can be more cost effective for both families and insurers by reducing emergency room visits, hospital admissions, and/or skilled nursing facility admissions and lengths of stay.

Having appropriate supports sounds great, but it can be confusing to figure out what is needed and what is available. The Information and Consultation Department (I&C) is Springwell’s front door where I&C specialists can help start the process. Helpful services that can make a difference include: meals, laundry, homemaking (light cleaning, meal prep or grocery shopping services), personal care assistance, help from a home health aide, transportation for medical appointments, Adult Day Health programs, grocery delivery, medical alert service and medication dispensing.

Often, family members may be eager to immediately put in place as many of the support options as they feel their loved one needs and is eligible to receive. Conflict can arise when the person in need has concerns about giving up independence, changing the way they have been doing things, and/or having workers in their home. Springwell’s goal is to educate a person with care needs about how each service may help them to stay in their home safely with an improved quality of life.

A Springwell Care Advisor works to build a rapport that can help a family negotiate conflicts about services. It is a process that involves meeting the individual where they are with respect to receiving help and taking initial steps with their agreement. A first step may be to provide one-time help with cleaning and making minor modifications to mediate fall risks and maximize emergency exit access. Sometimes a person who has always lived independently is reluctant to have a worker in their home but starting with assistance such as laundry service, grocery or meal delivery, and a medical alert service will be well received. The family will be relieved to see the benefits these solutions provide and the individual will be comfortable knowing that their wishes are respected. As needs change and a person’s comfort level with help evolves, there may be opportunities for services to be changed or added. Ultimately, Springwell respects each individual’s choice about whether to receive a service or not.

To learn more about getting support for you or a loved one to continue living at home, contact Springwell at 617-926-4100 and ask for Information & Consultation or complete our contact form here: http://www.springwell.com/service/care-advice-planning