Oct 15

Welcoming Springwell’s New Caregiver Specialist

photo of Springwell's Caregiver Support Specialist

Springwell is pleased to welcome our new Caregiver Support Specialist, Carly Kascak. Prior to joining Springwell, Carly first worked with children and then joined a local senior center as a social worker. “I found it exciting to work with a new population. I love helping and assisting older adults and I learn so much from them. When I began facilitating a monthly support group for caregivers, I worked with the Caregiver Support Specialists at other organizations like Springwell and thought that the job would be one where I could make a difference.”

Providing or arranging for the care of someone else can be complicated in many ways: logistically, physically, and emotionally. The Caregiver Support program is free to eligible caregivers.

Carly notes that she supports caregivers individually by helping them to identify goals and stressors. “Often a caregiver feels overwhelmed but isn’t sure specifically why. I help them figure out what is causing the most stress and then come up with one or two goals to improve things for them. The solution may involve setting up a self-care plan for the caregiver or it might be referring them to our home care program so that they can get additional help that will allow the caregiver a break. A caregiver may also worry about who will take care of their loved one if they can’t do it. I help them come up with a backup care plan, and that can provide significant stress reduction.”

One thing that is important about the Caregiver Support Program is that there is room for creativity in finding ways to help caregivers. With the continued need for physical distancing, out-of-the-box solutions are sometimes necessary. In some situations, Carly supports caregivers who are helping from afar. “Just because you aren’t there in the home doesn’t mean you aren’t a caregiver. If your loved one is on your mind, you are calling them and doing things for them from afar. It is okay to ask for support. Managing bill-paying is one way to be a huge help from a distance.”

While the Caregiver Support program is a short-term program, caregivers are welcome to return for more support as needs change and new goals or stressors arise. Contact Springwell at 617-926-4100 to reach our Caregiver Specialist or our Information and Consultation Department.